Carriage 2

The second carriage (which is badly needed so we can run two trains) is awaiting restoration and completion. at present it is little more than a rusty frame and two bogies. It was aquired from Peter Thornton's now defunct garden railway and had been in storage for some years. The intention is firstly to dismantle it and clean off the rust. A couple of the wheel bearings are in poor shape so the bogies are to be stripped, bearings replaced and one bogie to be fitted with brakes. it will then be reassembled and provided with a "freight" wagon body and padded seat with foot boards. It is also intended that the body will be removable so the seat will fit directly onto the chasis and the foot boards replaced with full length leg gaurds and low level foot rests to enabe it to also be used on raised tracks.


Carriage 3

The third carriage is also little more than a chasis (but a very elaborate one at that!) and came from the same source as number 2. It has sprung bogies which are braked on all wheels, the brakes being operated by a twin bowden cable arrangement from a centre lever at the front. This carriage also requires some axle bearings to be replaced (one having collapsed altogether). Due to its elaborate construction that must have taken many hours it is also very heavy. At present due to its "well" construction no decisions have been taken as to how it is to be utilised and for the time being it has been set aside until some other projects have been completed.