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When the line was packed away after trials of the completed point in October last year there was little thought of it emerging again until at least May of this year. Little did I know! See the new ON TOUR page! This unscheduled January public appearance required some accelerated and intense production work over the course of a week to assemble the last four track sections that cannot be used in the garden and the production of three buffer stops! Althugh the weather has been quite mild, work has taken up a lot of time in the first part of this year and the track has not seen an airing in the garden yet we have been out on another visit, this time to Canturbury Museum which has now been included on the on tour page.

The problems with wheel slip on Dixie experienced on the visit to New Maldon's track in 2006 were not repeated when the FHLR was laid on the level playground in Canterbury. In fact she ran faultlessly on the Saturday as the only loco in steam happily hauling the driver and up to three passengers. As slipping has been a problem when the track is laid on the FHLR home track bed I am still considering adding some extra adhesive weight perhaps as lead or iron blocks in the bunkers, however we will wait and see what happens once carriage 1 recieves its new ball bearings on the axles before diving in! The visit to Canterbury Museum brought an interesting discovery with regard to adhesion and any further mods including changes to the carriage wheel bearings have been shelved until we have had another run in the garden.

As previously reported two "new" passenger car chasis have been aquired. Some brief details and pictures of these appear on the new CARRIAGES 2 & 3 page.

Winter projects still include completion of buffer stops, overhaul of pax cars and cosmetic completion of the point. Unfortunately due to time these winter projects are now scheduled to become summer projects!



The previously reported problems with email contact have now been temporarily resolved by diversion to an alternative email address. So far this has proved succesful but in the longer term it is still hoped to relocate the site to a different server. The new "front page" has been added to the site to assist with location by search engines.



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